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Kijaro Hat Giveaway | May 2015

Posted on May 14th, 2015 — 8:02 am. kijaro

kijaro hat









As the weather warms, protect your dome from the sun with our new Kijaro hat! The breathable mesh back should help you keep cool in the warmest of conditions.

We will be doing a giveaway for these new hats which will run through May 17, 2015. Winning is easy: just like and comment on our Facebook post featuring the hats or favorite and re-tweet our post on Twitter. Winners will be randomly selected after the giveaway time frame ends.

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Kijaro & America’s Favorite Pastime

Posted on March 11th, 2015 — 9:06 am. kijaro

Kijaro and Baseball












Baseball is one of our favorite spring sports! Whether it’s the majors or little league, we are cheering on our favorite team on the sidelines. For more than 150 years, baseball has been America’s favorite pastime. In 1857 the first governing body of baseball was created, the National Association of Base Ball Players, and from there the rich history of the game began.

Like any sport, baseball has its rituals and myths, which add to the excitement of the game. If you’ve seen Fever Pitch, the movie starring Jimmy Fallon, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Even in little league games, players develop their own quirky rituals before they go up to bat or before the first pitch. As a fan you have your own rituals that fuels the good juju for your team, make sure one is to always have Kijaro with you!

Check out our Kijaro essentials for any little league or minors baseball game:

  • Kijaro Dual Lock Chair
  • Sunflower Seeds – cause why not!
  • Kijaro XXL Dual Lock chair – for extra comfort
  • Coca Cola – happiness in a bottle for when your team makes an error
  • Kijaro Sport Swivel Stool
  • Game Roster and score keeper – good way to keep up with those runs


Visit our website to find a Kijaro folding chair chair for your next baseball game. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all things outdoors.


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Top Five Hiking Trails and Essentials | Kijaro

Posted on March 4th, 2015 — 1:35 pm. kijaro

Hiking | Kijaro











There’s nothing like a good hike to reconnect with your inner-self. Whether its hiking through woodlands, up a rocky mountain or through the desert, we love hiking and want to share the experience with you. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite hiking trails and we know you’ll want to check them out!

Top Five Hiking Trails:


America’s national parks are filled with great hiking trails. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert hiker, there’s something for everyone. Even though you can hike year round, now that spring is on its way it’s a great time to start planning your next hiking trip. And, don’t forget to pack the essentials for your trip.

When it’s time to take a break on your long hike, make sure you have the Kijaro travel hammock package. You can depend on the hammock package to keep you dry during rain, shaded from the sun and safe from harmful bugs. With the ultra tarp, jungle net and travel hammock, you’ll have everything you need for a relaxing break on your hike.

Hiking Essentials | Kijaro











Here’s a list of other essentials you may need on your next journey:


We are more than ready to get outdoors and experience new trails, are you? Don’t forget to take Kijaro with you on your journey!

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Haleakala Sunrise Yellow |

Posted on February 25th, 2015 — 10:27 am. kijaro

Haleakala Sunrise Yellow | Kijaro











Hawaiian history is filled with folklore, which is one of the reasons why we love our Haleakala Sunrise Yellow. It has been said that the crater at the bottom of Haleakala peak was home to the grandmother of the demigod Maui. In order to lengthen the day, Maui and his grandmother captured the sun and forced it to slow its journey across the sky. This legend is why so many people wake up early in the morning and make the trek up the mountain just to see the magnificent sunrise.

Haleakala Sunrise Yellow is a great color for any occasion. Our Dual Lock chairs are great for your children’s baseball, softball or soccer games. You’ll be the envy of the sideline in your Haleakala Sunrise Yellow Dual Lock. Check out all of the Kijaro products you can get in this great color:


The Dual Lock seating experience is unlike any other and we know you will love it. Check out all of our products on our website. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! We love being social with our fans and there is always something fun going on at Kijaro, check us out!

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Victoria Desert Orange |

Posted on February 18th, 2015 — 10:03 am. kijaro

Victoria Desert Orange | Kijaro

Australia is an iconic country known for the Great Barrier Reef, Kangaroos and the Sydney Opera House, but don’t forget about the Great Victoria! The Great Victoria is the largest desert in Australia, covering 134,650 sq. miles. Known for its deep orange and red coloring, the Great Victoria desert inspired our Victoria Desert Orange, which is one of our favorites.

In 1875, Ernest Giles, a British explorer, became the first European to cross the desert and named it after Queen Victoria. The landscape of the Great Victoria desert is harsh and only the hardiest plants can survive. Wildlife has also had to learn to adapt to the conditions, which is why you’ll find many types of lizards or other animals that can burrow into the sand.

Of course we love all of our Kijaro colors, but Victoria Desert Orange is at the top of the list. Check out all of our products that you can get in this color:


You can find all of these products on our website or at select retailers, check it out! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for giveaways or information about what inspires us.

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Hanami Pink |

Posted on February 11th, 2015 — 10:00 am. kijaro


Inspired by the Cherry blossoms in Japan, Hanami Pink is one of our favorite colors for spring.

Inspired by the Cherry blossoms in Japan, Hanami Pink is one of our favorite colors for spring.

Imagine yourself walking around Japan in the spring, all of the Cherry trees are blossoming and you’re enjoying the beautiful pink flowers. In Japanese culture, this is called Hanami, or the practice of viewing flowers. During spring in Japan, the weather bureau announces the blossoming schedule, which only lasts for a week or two and that is when the parties start. Outdoor festivals are planned during daytime and night for people to enjoy the Cherry blossoms. What a great way to celebrate spring, don’t you think?

We love our Kijaro colors and Hanami Pink is no exception. Check out all the products that you can get in Hanami Pink:


Don’t stick with the norm, you can get any of our products in fun colors that fit your personality. Doesn’t matter what event you need your Kijaro chair for, all of our colors will work perfectly at all of them. Whether it is an outdoor concert or sitting on the sidelines at a baseball game, Kijaro chairs offer the perfect seating experience.

You can view all of our products on our website or check us out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


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Red Rock Canyon |

Posted on February 4th, 2015 — 11:29 am. kijaro

Red Rock Canyon Red, a Kijaro color, is inspired by the Red Rock Canyon National Park.

Red Rock Canyon Red, a Kijaro color, is inspired by the Red Rock Canyon National Park.

You don’t have to travel halfway around the world to see beautiful, natural wonders. Red Rock Canyon, about 17 miles west of Las Vegas, covers 195,819 acres and is visited by millions of people every year. Explore the natural red hue of the rocks on the hiking trails, or you can travel through the canyon on horseback, mountain bike, road bike and by rock climbing.

Experience the Red Rock in the Mojave Desert and don’t forget to take your red rock canyon Kijaro chair. Check out all of our products that come in Red Rock Canyon:


Take a hike out on more than 30 miles worth of trails, then take a break in your Kijaro dual lock chair or travel hammock and enjoy the scenery. The best part about any journey is taking a minute to bask in your surroundings. Make sure Kijaro is with you every step of your adventure.

Don’t forget to visit our website and check out all of our great products. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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Cayman Blue Iguana |

Posted on January 21st, 2015 — 2:52 pm. kijaro

Cayman Blue Iguana | Kijaro

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Cayman Islands. Located in-between Cuba and Jamaica, the Cayman Islands boasts white sandy beaches and the clearest blue water you will ever swim in. Take a journey with us to paradise!

The islands were first sighted by Christopher Columbus on his last voyage to the New World. He named them Las Tortugas, because of the abundance of sea turtles on the islands. Later named after a term for alligators, the Cayman Islands didn’t have permanent residents until 1661. Now, the Cayman Islands have some of the best beaches for you to relax on.

Inspired by the vibrant colors found on the islands, we decided to use the blue Iguana as one of our product colors. Check out all of the products that come in Cayman Blue Iguana:


Take Kijaro with you on every step of your journey. Our products are versatile, durable and comfortable so that you have the best experience. Try for yourself!

Visit our website for more products and details. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We love sharing your Kijaro pictures!

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Tlou African Gray |

Posted on January 14th, 2015 — 11:13 am. kijaro

Tlou African Gray | Kijaro

Tlou African Gray is inspired by the African Elephants of Botswana.

Tlou, or “the unstoppable one”, stems from a phrase in the Tswana language used for African Elephants. The Tswana people originate from Botswana, which has the largest population of African Elephants in the world. Our Tlou African Gray was inspired by the beautiful, deep gray color of an Elephant drinking water at the Tlou Dam water hole on the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa.

Gray is a universal color that looks great with anything. You can get the Tlou African Gray in these Kijaro products:


These products are extremely versatile and can be used for anything. Use our ultra tarp and jungle net to hang out in your travel hammock and avoid bugs or rain. The versa-shade is one of the best products you can invest in. You can set it up in five different ways that suit your needs!

Don’t forget to check all of these products out on our website, including our hammock packages that have the jungle net, ultra tarp and travel hammock at a great price.


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Maldives Blue |

Posted on January 7th, 2015 — 10:03 am. kijaro


Maldives Blue

Our Maldives Blue Kijaro Dual Lock chair is inspired by the deep blue ocean water surrounding the Maldives Islands.


The Maldives Islands are surrounded by gorgeous blue waters, and boast white sandy beaches. Inspired by the islands, our Maldives Blue chairs provide comfort during your journey.

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives consists of 1,190 islands and is made from natural, ring-like coral. Known as an atoll, each island is made of a coral reef encircling a lagoon. These reefs are home to many different types of underwater animals. Just imagine yourself relaxing in a Maldives Blue beach sling on the white sand.

Out of the 1,190 islands, only 200 are inhabited and 90 are developed as tourist resorts. The Maldives are so exclusive that you can only get a 30 day visa. The island’s reefs are protected by laws, which help protect the underwater life as well as the livelihoods of those living on the islands.

The beautiful backdrop of the island provides a romantic escape for anyone looking for an adventure.

If Maldives Blue is your favorite color, we have five types of products you can get it in:


The comfortable no-sag seating and durable frame allow you to use these chairs over-and-over again. Take Kijaro with you on all of your journeys!

For more information on any of our products, visit our website or email us at

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