Our bold colors truly tell the story of Kijaro, and we take pride bringing them to you. Each color shown below represents a unique destination inspiring you to get outdoors. Click here to view our destinations around the globe

Maldives Blue

“Pearls of the Indian Ocean” is the name often attributed to The Republic of Maldives Islands. Located off the western coast of India, these islands are surrounded by what is considered to be some of the bluest waters in the world and only 200 of the 1,190 islands are actually inhabited. This unique wonder of the world has a rich history where you can be active or relax, your choice!

Red Rock Canyon

This national US conservation is located just a few miles west of Las Vegas, Nevada and encompasses almost 200,000 acres within the Mojave Desert. Red Rock Canyon takes your breath away as the sun hits this beautiful red canyon throughout the day, capturing its array of vibrant colors at any given moment.

Hallett Peak Gray

Towering above Dream Lake in the Rocky Mountains, you’ll witness the majestic gray of Hallett Peak. Located ten miles southwest of Estes Park, Colorado, this site was named after William Hallett, an avid climber in the 19th century. Hallett Peak has both technical and non-technical trails leading you to an awe-inspiring view. Journey on…

Victoria Desert Orange

A land down under, Great Victoria Desert is Australia’s largest and arguably the 3rd largest desert in the world. It holds a reputation for some of the most peculiar colors in desert landscapes. Spanning over 700 kilometers, its deep orange and red sands provide a great backdrop for its botanical diversity.

Ireland Green

Ireland is renowned for its rolling green hills that run along its dramatic coastline. The breathtaking scenery and rich history will leave you feeling inspired. Relax in a small village, enjoy a round of golf, or a casual drive along the coast—this is a journey worth taking.

Cayman Blue Iguana

First sighted by Christopher Columbus on his last voyage to the new world, the Cayman Islands offer white sand and the unique green-blue water that is a nature lover’s paradise. The Blue Iguana native to the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean, is the largest land animal on the island and is listed as an endangered species. Thankfully, due to aggressive conservation efforts, Blue Iguanas are being released back in the wild.

Hanami Pink

Springtime in Japan brings us the vibrant pink of Cherry blossom trees as they bloom. In Japanese culture, Hanami is the centuries old practice of viewing flowers. Immerse yourself in the beauty as this wave of pink unfolds in its journey from south to north.

Izamal Yellow

Tucked away in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, you will find Izamal, affectionately known as the yellow city. It has been recognized as one of Mexico’s Pueblos Magicos, or Magic Towns, due to its important historical and cultural significance. With its houses, shops and churches all painted in a golden yellow the city simmers in a radiant reflection of sunshine.

Kawachi Purple

When one approaches the Wisteria Tunnel, the experience is often likened to being immersed in a fairytale. Located in the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, Japan, there are over 20 different species of Wisteria plants that make up this stunning collage of purple. Experience this magnificent display in full bloom and immerse yourself on a magical journey.

Tlou African Gray

Tlou, or “the unstoppable one” in the Tswana language, represents power and beauty. Chobe National Park in Botswana, Africa is known for having up to 5,000 Elephants in the floodplains at one time, transforming this area into an awe-inspiring expanse of powerful gray.

Ionian Turquoise

Off the western coast of Greece, the Ionian Islands are known for their beauty and stunning turquoise water. Straight from the pages of Greek Mythology, its name was derived from Ionius, son of Adrias and carries a rich historical past. The panoramic view of turquoise waters along cliff backed beaches provide the perfect place to relax and dream of your next journey.

Key West Lime Green

As the southernmost point in the US and known for its beautiful sunsets, Key West Florida is also where Key Lime Pie was invented. The colorful limes found in the keys were the genesis of this early 20th century delicacy. The light and refreshing taste of this dessert matches the island lifestyle of relaxation and cool breezes.

Fiji Sunset Orange

Over 300 islands in the South Pacific make up the archipelago known as Fiji, affectionately referred to as “a place for happiness.” The warm climate, minimal temperature extremes, white sandy beaches and coral reefs draw visitors from all over the globe. The vibrant oranges of the Fiji Sunsets will inspire you in your tropical journey!

Haleakala Sunrise Yellow

The Haleakala Crater in Maui, Hawaii is home to one of the most unique landscapes on the planet. Thousands of vacationers wake before dawn to drive up the top and witness the beautiful and amazing sunrise. Haleakala means “new day” and since every sunrise brings a new experience, seize the opportunity and journey on…

Cupertino Classic Gray

This modern and simplistic color was inspired by Cupertino, CA. This concrete jungle in the heart of Silicon Valley represents innovation and technology, two features that are synonymous with Kijaro products.

Marble Caves Blue

The journey to reach the marble caves of Patagonia, Chile is a long and difficult one, but well worth it for any adventurer. Formed by waves over thousands of years, these caves are a rare scientific wonder. The color comes from the reflection of the lakes azure waters which change in hue depending on water levels and time of year.