Do you make custom chairs?

Yes, the minimum quantity of chairs in a color we currently manufacture is 250 units; the minimum quantity of chairs in a custom color is 500 units. If you are interested in ordering some chairs, we will need to set you up as a customer in our system.

Items needed:

  • • AI file of the logo
  • • The color of the chair you would like (Pantone color code is very helpful for custom colors)
  • • The quantity of chairs you are interested in purchasing.
  • • If the product is to be shipped the customer must pay for shipping.

What is the return/replacement process?

1. Email us (contactus@kijaro.com) your issue with proof of purchase, detailed descriptions, and photos of damages.

2. You will be contacted by a Kijaro team member for more information.

3. If an exchange or return is necessary, we will send you a replacement or accessory at no charge.

4.If the item is not under warranty you will receive communication to discuss repair options and charges.